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Chipo Butayi

Chipo Butayi is passionate about teaching and empowering people to succeed in every area of their lives and helping them to fulfil their unique divine purpose.

Together with her husband —Tafara Butayi, they lead Faith Hill Church. She is also the host and founder of Designer Life, Faith Hill Church’s annual women’s conference that teaches women to tap into the Word of God to design the life of their dreams. Chipo lives her life to the full as a wife, mother to two beautiful daughters, Munesu and Tinaye, leader, speaker, mentor and banking professional.

Tafara Butayi

Tafara Butayi is a pastor, international speaker, television show host and author of 4 books including his most recent book – Grace in the Marketplace.

Growing up in abject poverty, Tafara discovered that this was not God’s Will and plan for his life. An understanding of God’s grace fuelled him to prosperity and he now travels all over the world empowering people to make a difference in the marketplace. Tafara believes that we all have a God-given assignment on our lives that can change the world.


When we tap into that grace, there’s no telling where we can end up. The sky is not even the limit when we operate in our grace in the marketplace.