Arise daughter of God.

Arise to this new life.

You are the light of Christ to this world.

Like a city on a hill, you cannot be hidden.

In this world of darkness, you are a bright light, a beacon shining out clearly for all to see.

Let your life light up the world
Don’t hide your light.
Don’t hold back.
Shinebrightly before others
Shinebrightly for Jesus

Join us for ‘Wednesday Night Live @ Designer Life’ starting on the 9th September 2020 and every Wednesday in the month of September, as we go on a journey of opening our hearts to understand who we are in Christ and that which has been entrusted and gifted to each of us for this time and generation.

You, precious sweetheart, have been called and entrusted for such a time as this!

It’s time to Arise and Shine